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Our 8s2 Family


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Lyanne and Hilaria proudly support Academic Decathlon, sporting their pink, red, and white. 
Andi and Audrey are accompanied by our classroom friend, Mistle. He made an unexpected visit. 
These students attended our Catholic Schools Week mass, as well as visited our Open House. They're showing off the Alternative Dress passes that they earned! 
We were blessed by our parent's presence today, during our lunch time. It was so nice enjoying a meal with them, surrounded by the rest of our DLS community. 
The end of the first trimester means acknowledging our Honor Students. These students earned a 3.4 GPA and above, all the while managing their extracurricular activities and 8th grade responsibilities. Congratulations on accomplishing such a feat! 
Our November School Families event was a huge success. 8s2 is so proud of our very own Abby, for displaying such strong leadership skills. She deserved to be recognized!