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Student Learning Expectations

Student Learning Expectations

The Student Learning Expectations (SLE’s) are skills, values and competencies we anticipate students to have gained by the time they graduate from De La Salle School. The SLE’s are intended to be understood by all students and are introduced in an age-appropriate manner, and are enhanced and reviewed throughout the student's time at De La Salle School.


De La Salle SLE’s


Academic Excellence: Life-long learners who:

  1. Think critically and logically to communicate effectively
  2. Utilize resources to achieve set goals
  3. Apply learned skills to strategically solve problems.
Spirituality: faith-filled Catholics who:
  1. Practice their faith through prayer and the sacraments
  2. Follow Jesus and form a relationship with God
  3. Demonstrate knowledge of the teachings of the Catholic Church
Values: responsible citizens who:
  1. Contribute positively to their community
  2. Act with compassion, integrity, and respect
  3. Abide by the Golden Rule