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Families who are on Tuition Plan A are required to complete 27 hours of service through the school
year. The service hours include the following three categories:
a. Six (6) hours of mandatory service fulfilled at the annual Parish Festival. 
b. Five (5) hours of mandatory service fulfilled through parking supervision.
c. 16 hours of mandatory service hours fulfilled through a variety of services and events.

Please choose functions or events based on your availability. Please go to the school website to access the school calendar and obtain updates. Please save the dates and check your
work schedule and/or any family obligations before you sign up.
How do I sign up for Service Hours?

Sign-ups for service hours will be coordinated via Sign Up Genius. Please note sign-ups will be available
on a first come, first serve basis. Some sign-ups will be limited to allow an opportunity for all families to
assist. Additional slots may open as the event approaches; therefore, families are encouraged to check
back. Reminders will be sent via Sign-Up Genius. Families should ensure their correct email address is on
Need more information on how to access Sign Up Genius?
If you have any issues accessing Sign-Up Genuis – please contact the A-Team Leaders at
Important Requirements
  • Each parent/guardian must complete Archdiocesan fingerprinting and VIRTUS
    training before service hours begin. Go to or [Parent Tab]
    for further information.
  • Registration is on a first come, first serve basis- edits can be made until events are locked. A
    request for a schedule change to due unforeseen circumstances will need to be emailed to the
    A-Team [email protected] . Parents who do not contact the Event Coordinator (information on
    Sign-Up Genius) within 48 hours before their scheduled event (to notify their unavailability due
    to unforeseen circumstances) and who do not show up to perform their scheduled service hours
    will be charged $50 per hour for those hours. These hours will not be rescheduled.
  • Service hours will be recorded based on the sign in/out forms submitted by Event Coordinators. These hours will be logged under the name of the oldest child enrolled.
  • Maintain a personal log of completed services to refer to throughout the year. Families will receive a mid-year notice with their service hours completed to-date.
  • 8th  Grade Families must complete service hours by the deadline provided by School administration for participation in 8th grade activities.
  • Any incomplete hours will incur a $50 per hour charge deducted from your FACTS account.
Please contact your A-Team coordinator with any questions, concerns, or service hour scheduling
A-Team Support Coordinators
Linda Obacz
Steve Ramos






For all other inquiries or request for special accommodations please contact the A-Team leaders at