Summer School Dates - June 24 through July 19

St. John Baptist de la Salle School

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Parent Life

De La Salle parent involvement includes a plethora of different activities. Parental involvement goes beyond the classrooms. Family involvement at DLS means parents and families have time to get involved in school, church, community and at home... Levels of involvement, varies and staying involved, makes a world of difference. De La Salle parents can simply do the following in their child’s life:
  • Reading a bedtime story to your child
  • Checking homework every night
  • Getting involved in PTO
  • Discussing your child’s progress with teachers
  • Voting in school board elections
  • Helping your school to set challenging academic standards
  • Limiting TV viewing or internet use to no more than two hours on school nights
  • Getting personally involved in school functions
  • Participating and volunteering in school events
  • Having a positive attitude and be Christ centered
  • Becoming an advocate for better education in your community
  • Insisting on high standards of behavior for children
  • Communication with children, parents and teachers fosters a welcoming environment
  • And simply asking your child, "How was school today?"

Parent Resources
As the parent of a Catholic school student you will want to know what your child is learning so you can help them along at home. You and your child's teacher will be the most important influence on your son or daughters education. Gradelink is the main source of communictaion here at DLS. We encourage parents to log-in on a regular basis to monitor your child's academic progress.